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              Happy Work Happy Life

              The rapid development of Kelong Group largely depends on the long-term cultural deposits. At the very beginning of establishment, Kelong Group proposed the Scientific Outlook on Development of“Kelong Promotes Tech and Tech Prospers Kelong” and the development philosophy of “strive for advanced technology and try to be the best in the industry”, and gradually formed up a cultural system which pursues the vision of“Advanced technology share with the world” and abides by the core value of integrity and all-win situation. This cultural system is characterized by the humanistic idea of “ ‘employees first’ boosting the development of the enterprise”. This kind of culture inspires Kelong people to commit themselves to innovation and development to realize the fine vision of “happy work, happy life”.

              “The development of enterprises is to serve the society and to realize the win-win situation of employees and the enterprise”------this is the mission and responsibility that root in the inner heart of Cheng Qingfeng, the president and CEO of Kelong Group. In his idea of development, delivering taxes as required, protecting environment and donating the poor are all parts of Kelong’s commitment. Kelong will take up its mission and responsibility and actively participate in public welfare undertakings, so as to contribute to the harmonious development of the society.

              Kelong spirit

              Solidarity Endeavor Innovation Efficiency

              Kelong Aim

              Innovate modern enterprise systemCreate persisting developingdamechanism.Constucting the century Kelong.

              The road of Kelong

              Kelong Promotes Science&technology.
              Science&technology Prospers Kelong.

              Kelong’s developing stratagem

              Hi-tech,Top start,Huge scientific research,Huge market

              Kelong’s marketing idea

              User’s satisfaction is the sole pursuit of Kelong people.

              Kelong service subject

              User’s demand is the working goal of Kelong people.

              Kelong’s four promise

              Best quality,Most competitive Price, Prompt Delivery,Satisfactory service